The are various ways to make questions. First, making questions with Be-verbs.

Be’ verbs are part of those verbs used in making a polar question, commonly known as the Yes or No question. That is, response to these kinds of questions requires a yes or no and then other explanations can come after.

Be verbs used in question formations include: is, am, was, are and were. Is, was and am will be categorized under singular verbs, while are and were will be plural verbs. Also, while is/am/are forms the present verbs, was/were forms the past tense.
There are some general guidelines to follow:
1. Am is a singular verb and it attracts Only the first person singular pronoun ‘I’
2. Is/was, also, singular verbs but apply only to 3rd person singular pronouns ‘she/it/he. Examples: is he, was she, is it.
3. Are/were takes a 2nd person singular/plural pronoun’ You’; 1st person plural ‘We’; 2nd person plural pronoun’ You’ and 3rd person plural pronoun ‘they’.

How do we form questions with them? There are different variations of these questions.
‘Be verb’ + subject +
A. Continuous tense (ing)
Consider the following questions:
1. Am I visiting the school ?
2. Is she visiting the school?
3. Are they visiting the school?
4. Was she visiting the school?
5. Were they visiting the school

B. +articles
Am I the first to read?
Is it an American movie ?
Was Sandra a student?
Are they the only ones?
Were they the preferred?
C. + demonstrative pronouns+articles

Are these/they the most important things?
Is this/that a ball?
Was this the ball?
Were they the boys?
Are those vintage shirts?
Are these shoes better?

D. With personal pronouns
Am I?
Were they our students?
Is she your students?
Is your daughter coming?
Were you present at the conference?

E. With ‘to+verb’
Am I to travel?
Was Bulks to lead the team?
Are we expected to write?
Were they to present?

There are many ways to form questions with any of the ‘be-verbs’. However, be careful to follow the rules above to form your questions appropriately.



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