In this lecture, we shall consider the following:
What about the writing test?
Writing test (academic module and general training)
Task types and questions
Scoring criteria of writing section.
About writing section
The writing section is the third section of the IELTS test and it is written the same day with the listening and reading sections. Unlike the reading and listening sections, the writing test is divided into two tasks of varying time frame and question type. Also, the task 2 is more difficult than the task 1 as it involves more of personal opinion that explanation.

The Academic and General training differs mainly in task to be completed.
In the task 1 of the General training, candidates are expected to respond through a letter; formal, informal or semi-formal whereas for the Academic Writing, candidates will describe a process of explains a diagram, charts, graphs and tables.
In the same vein, task types are different for both modules.
First, the question format in the General Training is simpler and straightforward than that of the Academic training.
General Training
“Modern facilities aids classroom learning” Discuss the benefits of these facilities.
Academic Writing
“Modern facilities aids classroom learning”. What is your opinion?

Second, questions on family, society, entertainment, education are common with the General Training while the Academic Writings cover a wider scope.
In comparison, the scoring, number of words and time frame are the same for both modules.
In Task 1, you will be given 20 minutes to give your answers in 150 words while in Task 2, you have 40 minutes to give your answers in 250 words.





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